Spas in Hungary

Thermal Spa Holidays Specializing in Natural Treatments of Arthritis and Other Locomotion Problems

Significant Natural Pain Relief in just a few weeks for Sufferers of Arthritis and Rheumatism in our Budapest Hot Spring Resorts  2018

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Budapest Spa Packages all inclusive per day

Do you suffer from Arthritis, Rheumatism, back and joint pains and other locomotion problems? Our Sulphur -based natural springs in Hungary give you the best natural relief of those aches and pains.

Throw away your harmful medications with their many side effects, try natural solutions in our chlorine -free mineral pools.  

With its over 400 hot springs Hungary is a world leader in medicinal spa vacationing. Budapest is often called the "Spa Capital" because it is the only capital city in the world with real hot springs inside the city boundaries. Spa vacationing has a long tradition in Hungary and it is going back to Roman times. In the capital city of Budapest, however, our spas are modern offering all the comfort and in-house facilities other old European spa towns might not have.

The Hungarian spas are built over the hot springs or the spring water is taken directly to the spa center from the natural springs, so you do not have to dress up and walk over from your hotels to the spa centers for treatments or bathing in the natural pools. You can wear your bathing suit and the robes provided by the spa hotel and get into the elevator from your hotel room to be taken directly to the spa thermal centers.   

All Hungarian spas have chlorine-free mineral pools of varying temperatures of 28-34 C. The hot springs gush into the surface directly from the hot core of the earth at very high temperatures and have to be cooled off to different temperatures suitable for bathing. There is such an abundant supply of  hot mineral spring water that the water in the bathing pools is constantly changed. All pools close in the evening around 8 p.m. for overnight additional cleaning and they reopen at 7 a.m. 

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Budapest is also a bustling cultural capital with many museums, casinos, opera and concert halls, those typical European cafe houses frequently visited on lazy afternoons by our spa guests for a heart-pounding espresso or those irresistible pastry creations Budapest is famous for. They are created using a touch of beet sugar and preferred by those of lesser sweet tooth.

The most visited spas in Budapest are located located on the bucolic traffic free park island named after St Margaret, whose medieval monastery ruins can still be visited on the island. Take a daily strolls around the island's centuries-old trees, rose garden, hidden statues and ruins. The island is in the center of the Danube that divides Budapest into two parts, Buda and Pest. Buda is the ancient, hilly part of the city with its historic district and Royal Castle overlooking the Danube river,  while Pest is the commercial, entertainment and shopping area of the metropolis.  



The therapy is based on the water of three springs containing calcium, hydrogen-carbonate, chloride and sulphate. Balneotherapy includes underwater massage, underwater gymnastics, effervescent bath, mud packs, traction bath using extensive weight equipment. The electrotherapy departments have the most up-to-date technical equipments. Iontophoresis, galvanic current, interference current, ultrasound, phototheraputic treatments are available, just to mention a few. Traditional methods of treatments are also complimented by medical massage, medical gymnastics and acupuncture.

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