Arthritis Treatment
Although at this point of time of the evolution of medical science Arthritis cure is non-existent, there are things you could do to minimize your condition and ease the pain.

Treatments for arthritis using the benefits of curative thermal waters high in certain minerals and trace elements has been used in Europe for centuries. In our arthritis treatment centers at our Budapest spas we compliment the beneficial effects of the curative water by the latest achievements of electro and physiotherapy under the direction of renowned in-house Rheumatologists and internal specialists. The establishments have close contact with the National Institute of Rheumatology, so for more sever cases extra experts can be called in for additional consult.

traction bath treatment

arthritis treatment

Budapest is unique in natural arthritis treatment, as it is the only capital city in the world with several natural hot springs. In Central Europe, where our treatment centers and thermal water spas are located, the core of the earth is very thin, therefore curative hot springs burst to the surface quite easily. There is such an abundant supply of the waters that some of these hot waters are even used for heating buildings.

Bathing cures have a great advantage of having no side effects, provided you follow the guidance of the spa doctors. The hot spring waters are cooled off to pleasant temperatures, so patients with high blood pressure and circulatory problems can also take advantage of the recommended protocol prescribed by the doctor and individualized based on each patient’s needs.
These arthritis treatments are all natural. There is no chlorine or other harmful chemicals added to the water. Hygiene is achieved by steady replacement of the waters and nightly cleaning, disinfecting and scrubbing of all pools instead of recirculation with chlorine, and complete cleaning of the equipments after each patient in the individual treatment rooms.

The Budapest thermal waters’ main medicinal element is sulphur, but because of its specific concentration, you do not smell the typical rotten egg odor. The remaining minerals and gaseous elements are beneficial in hydrotherapy treatments and in cures involving drinking the mineral water or inhaling its steam.
In addition to the arthritis treatments we provide treatments for other joint, muscle and vertebra disorders; some degenerative nerve conditions; rehabilitation therapy after fractures, some bone deformities and disorders of the peripheral circulation.

For rheumatic problems, the thermal water is effective because of the use of therapeutic equipment and also due to the breakdown of the mineral substance which contain the key curative components. Through continued, regular treatments, good results can be obtained in arthritis and other locomotion problems, post-inflammatory conditions of muscles, joints and intestines. Soon after the commencement of the protocol you will start to feel better and will be able to reduce your medications significantly. Check out some feedback from our patients here.
Our curative mud high in concentrated minerals is brought in from Heviz, a unique thermal lake. Depending on the condition of the patient partial or full mud treatments are applied on daily basis in addition to electrotherapy and physiotherapy treatments.
Hydrotherapy consist of underwater massage , warm showers, carbon bath, mud bath, pine baths, "Champaign" bath and Traction bath, a Hungarian invention, using extensor weight equipment. 

There are certain contraindication for the use of these natural treatments and bathing cures: Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Leukemia, fever, skin diseases, tumors, Leukemia, acute stages of overactive thyroid and pregnancy. If you have any of these conditions or any infectious disease, you will not be allowed to use the thermal pools, but individual treatments might be prescribed.

Before starting any arthritis treatment or other medical protocol, you will have to go through an examination by the English-speaking Rheumatologist spa doctor, who based on the patients' conditions will prescribe the appropriate treatments. 

The recommended length of stay at the spas is 3 weeks for people suffering from arthritis. The daily inclusive rate starts at around 80-90 dollars per day that includes treatments, first class accommodation, meals and consultations with the doctors. 

For more details on the pricing scroll down to see the price charts at the different spa centers. Go to the following page for additional technical details on treatments and on the mineral composition of the waters.

Do not expect your North American doctor to know about these thermal spas or recommend the natural spring water cures for you. Due to their lack of enough knowledge in this area of medicine and because there are brainwashed by greedy drug companies, they will rather recommend you to try some additional harmful drugs.