In our Budapest spa hotels and resorts we great value packages all year around.


Budapest spas are considered one of the most important spas in the world where the abundance of the natural chlorine-free thermal waters, the attentiveness of highly qualified medical doctors, the most modern therapeutic and diagnostic equipment and relaxing serene surroundings ensure the best spa experience that suit guests' needs on different levels.

At our medicinal spas at the curative hot spring waters rush to the surface and are cooled to different temperatures. You can choose between several thermal pools of varying degrees.

The main element of the water is sulphate, but the concentration is mild, it does not have the typical offensive rotten egg smell. In addition to Sulphur, there are many other minerals and gaseous elements that are very effective in hydrotherapy treatments and used also for drinking cures. It is like taking your mineral supplements free of charge in dissolved and easily absorbable form.

Thermal water therapy has been proved during centuries to be helpful in joint and muscle disorders, degenerative nerve conditions, rehabilitation therapy after fractures, some bone deformities and disorders of the peripheral circulation.

For rheumatic problems, the thermal water is effectively used in therapeutic equipment. During treatments the mineral substances brake down to support healing. Through continued, regular treatments, good results can be obtained in case of degenerative and post-inflammatory conditions of muscles, joints and intestines.

It is not worthwhile to visit a Budapest spa for a couple of days. The minimum stay should be at least one week, but the doctor recommended minimum length of stay is three weeks for anyone suffering from a certain medical condition.


 Budapest spa resorts and hotels are highly affordable. You can pay as low as 76 dollars per person per day including first class hotel, meals and accommodation in a double room. For pricing click the Prices and treatment option (left menu) and scroll down to find applicable prices for your dates of visit.

The gaseous content of the water is quite significant. When bathing in these waters, due to the gas content of the spring water your body is enveloped in an even film of little  bubbles. The gas content is not very strong though, you do not feel like bathing in sparkling water, but our guests still feel that this is not an ordinary tap water bath but something special which is difficult to describe. If you want the sparkling effect though you can try the "Champaign bath" often used for circulatory problems.

Based on the spa doctor's prescription and recommendation you can stay in the waters from 15-30 minutes each time. You will feel tired afterwards and it is recommended to cool off on the lawn chairs wrapped in your bathrobe provided by the spa hotel. The cooled, moderate temperature of the waters at our Budapest spa is suitable for those of hypertension and heart conditions as well.

Because thermal baths at our spas are taken every day during the guest's stay, all patients experience a distinctive soothing and calming effect to calm nerves and relax overworked adrenals.

The therapeutic effects of the water are enhanced by specialized medical treatments targeting certain areas of the body depending on the guest's localized aches and pains.

Therapeutic mud is brought in to the spa center from Heviz, a hot thermal lake unique in the world. In addition to the medical treatments that are part of the spa package cost, our Budapest spa offers beauty and dental treatments as well as cosmetic surgery options for extra cost.