Frequently Asked Questions Hungarian Spas 


What treatments can I get at the Hungarian spas?
It depends on your personal needs. Most Hungarian spas specialize in treating locomotion problems, Arthritis, Rheumatism, spine and joint problems and post-injury rehabilitation under the care of highly specialized medical doctors of Rheumatologist, Balneologists and Internal specialist. Upon individual consultation with the doctor a treatment plan will be prescribed to you. There are also diet plans available, gyms, dentistry and cosmetic surgery for extra cost.

Can I select what treatments I want to include in my spa package?
Yes you can, together with the doctor. Depending on your personal situation the doctor and you together will decide on the treatment plan. Upon arrival before you can start your treatment protocol you will be seen by a spa doctor specialist. They speak English and other languages. You can tell your complaints so the doctor can prescribe the best treatment plan for your condition. If you wish to get specific treatments, please ask the doctor.

What if I do not have a medical condition?
You can still benefit from the treatments. Massages, different types of baths, Champaign bath mud packs and other type of water treatments are all useful for general rejuvenation, stress relieve and general muscle toning. Bathing in the thermal waters high in trace elements is excellent for detoxification. The drinking cures help you with intestinal cleansing and digestion. Most of our spas are located in relaxing and serene surroundings where the environment will also contribute for improvement of your general well-being.

Are all treatments medical?
No, in addition to the treatments that are part of your spa package, you can also order additional "fancy" and beauty treatments like facials, cellulite, Thai massage and other type of massages locally. The Budapest spas offer in-house cosmetic surgeries and dental work. Why not try a general makeover while on a relaxing holiday?

How many treatments should I have?
It all depends on your condition. If you have a more serious condition, you should go with the complete therapies, while if you just want to get pampered, go with the basic package options.

Will there be enough time for sightseeing and other activities?
You treatments are by appointment. After the initial consultation with the doctor, you will be able to book your treatments in advance. If you want to take a few days off for local sightseeing, you can book your treatments accordingly.

How long should I stay in a spa?
As long as you can. For people with more serious conditions, the recommended length of stay is minimum 3 weeks. We suggest to stay with mild conditions for minimum a week or two.

How Long will the effects of the treatments last?
It will depend on your individual condition and the severity of your problems. Some people find they are symptom-free for 6 months, others for only a couple of weeks

Why should I book my spa holiday with your company?
Because we are the experts. We have been using these spas for many years and have personally visited and tried all of them. With our first hand knowledge we can give you individual advises regarding which spa would be the most beneficial to you based on your condition and individual needs. We are also completely automated and able to deliver documents to you promptly.

In what currencies are the tours/packages listed on the website?
Most of them are listed in US dollars, other prices in Euros. The top left hand box of each price chart indicates that the prices are in Euros or US dollars.

What other currencies can I use for payment?

We also accept Canadian dollars. If the payment is by credit card, the credit card companies automatically convert the funds for you into your local currency. Most credit card companies charge a small conversion fee of around 2-2.5%. You can check the exact percentage by phoning your credit card company.

Can I pay by check? 
Personal checks are accepted up to 90 days before departure. Within 90 days you can send  cashiers checks, money orders or bank transfers in US or Canadian funds

What credit cards can I use for payment?
Visa, Master Card, Amex

How do I receive my documents?
The invoice and the optional cancellation insurance form will be issued and emailed or mailed to you upon confirmation of the booking. Final documents are issued as soon as we receive full payment. Most vouchers are sent to you as email attachments or can be sent by mail as well.

When is the final payment due?
For most packages we require final payment 40 days before departure. You will be advised about your final payment date at the time of reservation. If you have less than 40 days before your tour/package starting date, full payment is required upon booking

I am insecure about booking on internet. How can you assure me that my reservation is in order?
You will receive our official invoice with all the details of our company including registration and tax account numbers. All vouchers show the contacts of the local hotels/spas and other suppliers  with contact names and emergency phone numbers. You can call those numbers any time before departure to verify that your reservation is in order.

I am not familiar with your company. Can I get references?
Yes, if you contact us, we will give you phone numbers of several European government tourist boards or consulates as well as the main phone number of the travel agency licensing office. We are not allowed to give out private passengers' phone numbers. You can also check our testimonials page  or the about us page

How can I make sure I read the rates correctly?
All rates for all packages are listed per person based on 2 people sharing the room. If you travel alone single rate applies. You have to look for the double rate if you have 2 people in your party and for the single rate if you plan to stay alone in your room. Most times cost varies depending on seasonalities. All price charts give rates for all seasons usually for a one-year period. Most Hungarian spas list the basic spa rates with 5 treatments only per week specifying the supplement cost for the complete spa in a separate row for those who require more treatments. The prepaid upgrade cost is a very good deal much cheaper than paying for additional treatments locally one-by-one. If something is not clear, please send us an email or call us toll free at 1 800 770 7148 Monday-Friday. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Can I avoid paying the single supplement if I am willing to share my room with an other single person on the tour?
No, we do not handle single matching. We do not know people who book with us personally. We are not aware of their sleeping or washroom habits and do not wish to disappoint our clients with incompatible roommates.  We suggest you travel with a friend or family member if you wish to avoid paying for the single supplement.