Hungarian Spa

Hungarian spa and treatment centers are in high esteem among Europeans and have been popular for a long time with thousands of repeated visitors each year.

Hungary has a unique advantage in the field of natural cures thanks to its abundant supply of natural curative hot thermal waters that abound everywhere at the vicinity of almost every second village. There is a saying in Hungary that it is enough to push a stick into the ground and up will come thermal water rich in minerals and trace elements.  

Hungarian Spa

In the Carpathian Basin in Central Europe, where Hungary is located, the crust of the earth is very thin, so these waters right from the core of the earth rise to the surface very easily

There are more than 200 thermal spas – most of them are medicinal spas – in the country, in addition to the smaller undeveloped village hot springs.  Hot water is so abundant that it is sometimes used for heating spa hotels, greenhouses and for other practical purposes.
Thermal waters in Hungary have been used for curative purposes since the times of Romans who developed and extensive bathing culture around the hot springs. But even before Roman times, according to archeological evidence as early as 600 thousand years ago primate men settled around the hot springs and the Celts, who built their town on the site which is now Budapest, named their settlement: Five Waters or Abundant Waters (Ak –Ink) 

Most Hungarian spa resorts use their hot springs complimentary to regular medicinal methods in many type of diseases and conditions like skin diseases, locomotion problems, skeletal problems, gynecological complaints, cardiovascular and digestive disorders, respiratory problems, kidney diseases, neurological problems, etc. depending on the composition of their waters. Hungary spa treatments are covered by the Hungarian medical insurance plan and regularly prescribed by Hungarian doctors as part of natural rehabilitation protocols.     

Hungarian spa waters are excellent and widely used for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and other locomotor disorder.  

At our spas at we offer one, two and three week packages that include treatments, first class accommodation, medical examinations and meals. The recommended length of stay is 3 weeks for people suffering from a condition but most people notice improvement and pain relief during a much shorter period.

We have basic and complete spa packages in Hungary. Basic packages are designed for people who do not have a particular condition and are satisfied with only 5 individual treatments per week for general health improvement, detox and distress, in addition to having access to all spa facilities, pools, saunas, group exercises, gym, etc.  For those having a specific medical condition we recommend for long-lasting relief, the Hungarian spa packages with complete treatments, 15 or more per week. All these options are listed on the price page

All patient guests are examined by the local spa doctor, who based on the results of the examination and consultation with the patient prescribes the recommended treatment plan. With complete packages there is a follow up and final consultation with the doctor as well

So next time when deciding on a vacation why don't you try a Hungarian spa and have your holiday combined with health improvement