Budapest's Margitsziget, Margaret Island, where the thermal waters were brought to the surface in 1886, has been long established as a therapeutic spa of importance with natural, curative thermal waters, a pleasant climate and a magnificent , mid-Danube location, together with a full range of the most modern medical equipments. 
The medicinal waters of the local thermal spring enter the hotel's hydrotherapy equipment at a temperature of 70' C  (158' F)  and are cooled down to 34'C (89'F), 36'C (91'F) and 40'C (104'F) while maintaining the active curative ingredients.
The essential treatment element of the water is sulphate which decomposes slowly and only in part. The remaining mildly concentrated solution does not have the typical offensive sulphur odor. The remaining minerals and gaseous elements are efficacious both in hydrotherapy and in treatments involving drinking the mineral water.
Thermal water therapy has proved helpful in the following conditions: joint and muscle disorders; some degenerative nerve conditions; convalescent therapy after fractures; some bone deformities and some disorders of the peripheral circulation.
For rheumatic problems, the thermal water is effective partly through the use of therapeutic equipment and partly through the breakdown of the mineral substance which contain the key curative components. Through continued, regular treatments, good results can be obtained in case of degenerative post-inflammatory conditions of muscles, joints and intestines.

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Rheumatic diseases can be favorably  affected  by combined therapy programs which include baths, massage, mud-packs, electrotherapy and kinetic therapy.
Good results can be obtained in breaking down the remains of chronically inflamed areas. Remarkable improvement has been noted in the treatment of dysmenorrhea. 
The gaseous content of the water is quite significant. It appears on analysis that the gas content of the water produces an even film of little  bubbles on the surface of the body. The gas emission is not so intensive to produce a sparkling quality, but the guest bathing on Margaret Island still feels that this is not an ordinary water bath, but more like being enveloped in a coat of bubbles. The effect thus produced is comparable to that of a carbon gas bath. It is well known that the moderate temperature of Margaret Island's thermal water is particularly reassuring for those with hypertension caused by arteriosclerosis or with disease of the myocardium or coronary arteries.
Because thermal baths taken regularly have a distinctive soothing and calming effect, they seem to be a useful therapeutic adjunct for different forms of functional neuroses.
With its modern equipment meeting all professional specifications, Margaret Island's thermal water can be used for all kinds of combination treatments such as sit-down baths, massage , warm showers, carbon bath, mud bath, pine baths and baths Traction bath, a Hungarian invention, using extensor weight equipment. For mud packs, medicinal mud brought in from Heviz, a unique thermal lake near Lake Balaton. In addition to the above mentioned treatments, Margaret Island Spa can offer other physical therapy methods such as low-and high-frequency electric treatments (iontophoresis, galvanic current, supersonic wave, microwave, phototherapy). Thermal water can be used in combination treatment in the electric or panel baths in which dissolved components diffuse though the skin during the ionto-phoresis.

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To augment the therapeutic effect of thermal water, massage of gymnastic programs are often prescribed and for this purpose, Margaret Island Spa has the most up-to-date facilities. The X-ray unit is worth special note for the full range of modern equipment it provides for all kinds of examinations. The clinical laboratory is thoroughly equipped with instrumentation for every conceivable clinical examination. Pharmacy stocks medications from both Eastern and Western European pharmaceutical companies. The Spa maintains a close relationship with the National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy  and when necessary, prominent specialists are consulted in complex cases.
Current and comprehensive treatment is provided by the staff of experienced physicians. A highly qualified professional staff works closely with them to aid in the convalescence of spa patients. 

( Quantities in milligrams of mineral substances dissolved in one liter of spring -water).

Na+     135,0
Ca 2+  173,6
Mg 2+   46,8
Fe 2+    3,0
NH4+    1,05
CI-        181,0
HCO3   574,0
SO42-  192,1
PO43-  0,15
S2-       0,30


-Rheumatic diseases of the locomotor organs (except acute inflammation)
-Arthritis-Polyarthritis-Chronic Arthritis
-Spondylosis ( stiffness of the vertebrae)
-Spondylarthritic ankylosis 
-Spinal disease conditions
-Muscle disease conditions

Post-injury treatment