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While most people associate medical spas with cometic tratments such as botox, lazer treatment and chemical peels  our medical spas focus on treating patients with specific medical conditions.

Our medical spas are located in Budapest within first class hotels with inside thermal pools and some on open terraces, and offer a combined experience of vacation with health improvement.

These spas in Budapest are built near abounding mineral hot waters very high in beneficial trace elements and other important minerals like sulphur, calcium, magnesium and others. The waters and the curative mud are extensively used in medical treatments for arthritis, Rheumatism, gout, respiratory conditions, rehabilitation programs after surgeries or accidents, intestinal cleansing and certain types of neurological conditions.

medical spas

For about the same amount you would pay for Botox or other injectibles for one single treatment, you can stay all inclusive with accommodation, meals and treatments at our spas in Budapest for 3-5 days depending on the season. Why don’t you check out the different options at

Our medical spas have highly reputable Rheumatologist and internal specialists on staff who examine all guest patients before any type of treatment protocol is prescribed.

Of course you do not have to be sick to benefit from these spas, a relaxing vacation with detox in the soothing thermal pools of varying temperatures has great anti-aging benefits especially after daily use. Even after a few days of soaking in the natural and hygienic thermal pools you will feel more balanced, more flexible, movement and mood greatly improved as if you had become younger, more full of life. Our thermal mud treatments are also highly recommended if you need to loosen up those stiff joints. Once you start to burst of energy you find an easy outlet to your vigor in the complete gym during complimentary individual or groups exercises under the supervision of in-house trainers or physiotherapists.

Our med spa treatments are varied and prescribed individually by the spa doctors after consultation with the guests. You will also find complete dental centers in addition to the balneo and physio facilities and the electrotherapy section.

Why not a complete makeover inside and out while on vacation? During your stay you can consult the California trained cosmetic surgeons associated with the medical spa. Minor surgeries are performed in the medical facilities of the spa centers while major ones take place in hospitals connected wit the spas. Prices are more affordable than in North America or Western Europe. After the treatments you can recuperate at the spas under the supervision of medical staff. 

The relaxing spa environment, the thermal waters rich in necessary minerals, the attentive care will all contribute to a fast recovery and you do not even have to admit at home that you underwent cosmetic surgery. Do do not hesitate, check out our package rates at for all of our medical spa programs.